Idaho Falls Preschool Activity

Summer time is a time for relaxing, taking family vacations and educating your children.   That’s right, I said educating your children, but maybe not in the way you’re thinking. While doing summer reading and math programs are a great way to continue your child’s education, summer is the best time for learning about the world around them. One of my favorite ways of introducing my kids to the world, entrepreneurship, and real world experiences, is to schedule tours of local businesses wherever we go on vacation. Recently, we visited Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory just outside of Salt Lake City. The kids were introduced to the history of business, the chocolate making process and got to taste some yummy chocolate in the process as a bonus!! is a great resource for finding local tours.


Have you done any tours with your kids that you loved? If so what were they?  Have you been to any places in Idaho Falls, ID?  What about special tours for Idaho Falls Preschool aged children?

idaho falls preschool

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