Idaho Falls Preschool Winter Fun: Homemade Yo Yo

Hi Everyone!!  Winter has surely set in and while things are going fantastic in our Idaho Falls Preschool classroom, we are all longing for something active we can do while staying warm.  Enter the letter Y and the great opportunity to make homemade yo yos!!

This week we have learned all about the letter Y, yo yos and different types of sports.  It has been a week full of sports stories and fun learning activities.  To finish the week off and get us moving, we made homemade yo yos.  The awesome thing about these yo yos is that they are so simple to make and a blast to play with.  Along with the steps to make the yo yos, I’ve also added a few pictures for reference.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

Supplies per Yo Yo

1 balloon

1/4 cup- 1/3 cup of rice


4 rubber bands


20160128_102001 20160128_102119 20160128_102254


Insert the end of the funnel into the balloon, making sure that the funnel end reaches into the middle of the balloon.

Slowly pour rice through the funnel into the balloon, filling the round part of the balloon completely.

Remove the funnel and tie a simple knot in the balloon.

Tie the rubber bands together using slip knots, so that you have a long string of rubber bands.

Tie one end of the rubber band string to the top of your balloon filled with rice and Voila! Your homemade yo yo is ready to go!  Have fun and don’t forget to let us know what you think of these fun yo yos.







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