Mess Free Color Fun!!

Good Afternoon Everyone!!

I sure missed being in class last week and leaning more about colors with our students. Today, I wanted to show you a fun Mess Free activity that will help our kiddos learn how secondary colors are made from our primary colors.

To start, you will need some plastic baggies, shaving cream and food color.

You’ll want to spray some shaving cream into the bottom of a few baggies. Make sure to not over fill your baggie or you’ll go from a mess free activity to just a big mess. Once you have shaving cream in the bottom of your baggies, put a few drops of two primary colors in each of your baggies.

We put yellow with blue, red with yellow and finally red with blue.

You’ll want to smash your yellow down a bit once it’s in the baggie, otherwise it tends to look like orange. Then, get as much of the air out of the bags as possible and seal them up. Now on to the fun part! Have your child mash, moosh and mix the colors together only one new color remains in your bag.

Our blue and yellow turned green! Yellow and red turned Orange! Lastly, our blue and red turned purple!

Your child will love to mix up these bags and play with them for hours. To add even more educational value you can use these bags to further the fun by checking out the examples below.

Your student can practice writing their letters or numbers on the bags. This is a bit tricky to show through really well, but with a bit of practice they can make the letters show through the foam.
You can turn your bag into a fun quite bag by adding letters, shapes or objects for your child to find. I used little magnetic letters and shapes in this bag. As well as some fun Easter erasers.

I’d love to hear or see what fun things you do with your bags and what your child thought of this process. Feel free to comment here or on our Facebook post as well!

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